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Copper & Zircon Jewelry

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Glossy 26 English Letter Pendant Necklace Nhas277237

Price: US$ 0.47
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Cuban Necklace 26 Letter Necklace Nhas278918

Price: US$ 0.62
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Fashion Simple Zircon Cartilage Earrings Nhen253461

Price: US$ 0.98
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Fashion Zircon Earrings Nhen260925

Price: US$ 1.20
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Color Bird Ear Lines Long Bird Cute Animal Earrings Nhdp268113

Price: US$ 0.69
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Creative Punk Style Copper Mid-length Cross Earrings Nhjq261720

Price: US$ 1.53
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Micro-inlaid Zircon Piercing Earrings Nhen302693

Price: US$ 0.92
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Copper Plated 18k Gold Letter Fashion Pendant Necklace Nhln284965

Price: US$ 1.70
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New Stainless Steel Double-head Screw Earrings Nhen253451

Price: US$ 0.87
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Hot Selling 26 English Letter Pendants Diy Necklace Nhas267941

Price: US$ 2.55
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New Hip-hop Dripping Oil Color Cuban Chain Bracelet Nhas281936

Price: US$ 3.61
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Korean Zircon Micro-inlaid Awning Earrings Set Nhcg274711

Price: US$ 5.41
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New Color Zircon Stainless Steel Earrings Wholesale Nhen256044

Price: US$ 0.94
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Fashion 18k Gold Plated Micro Inlaid Zircon Love Ring Nhln267250

Price: US$ 2.10
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Simple Star Light Diamond Blue Eye Pendant Necklace Nhpy270882

Price: US$ 1.95
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Fashion Colorful Hip Hop Ring Nhtm275264

Price: US$ 2.08
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Heart-shaped Simple Fashion Diamond Earrings Nhpy278975

Price: US$ 3.12
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Copper-plated 18k Gold Hip-hop Diamond-studded Bracelet Nhpy274576

Price: US$ 4.03
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Hip-hop Retro 26 Letters Pendant Chain Nhas302351

Price: US$ 2.22
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Hip-hop Diamond Zircon Fashion Ring Nhpy280885

Price: US$ 2.93
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Creative New Thick Chain Personality Necklace Nhas278919

Price: US$ 2.37
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Copper not only has metallic characteristics, which suitable for modern styles, but also has rich shapes and classical features. It is an excellent jewellery making material. Among trendy jewelry, especially imitation jewelry, a large number of copper and copper alloy materials are used.
The benefits of wearing copper jewelry include promoting mineral absorption, reducing cancer rate, preventing cardiovascular disease, and relieving joint pain.
Zinc alloy is a relatively common material used in the fashion jewelry industry. This batch of copper-zinc jewelry provided by Nihaojewelry are cheap and environmentally friendly, with a variety of styles. Large quantities of wholesale are welcome.

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