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 Nihao Jewelry has more than 40000 models showed on webiste with good quality and fast delivery. Every week we update new arrivals in fashion jewerly market, we can supply you best and competitive products. We want to be your Best Partner, besides the price from the Factory directly to you and good service to meet your any questions. we must make a plan for Our cooperation in the long term. In order to show our sincerity, we can give you discount to help you  earn more profit. If you have jewelry stores, online shop or other form of business for Jewelry, we have confidence to be your best supplier in the long term.


1.We will calculater your order total from first order to the amount to Win more Discount, for example, from your first to now, its total more than 10000 euros,you will a discount for 10000 Euro, see  following:


Number of member

 Order total(from first order to now)


Alloy member

More than 2000 euros


Silver Member

More than 5000 euros


Gold member

More than 10000 euros


Gema member

More than 30000 euros


Diamond Member

More than 50000 euros


The discounts are calculated based on the total value of the previous orders (excluding shipping charges), only the cost of the unbundled product shipping cost.


  2. For each client who has a lot of demand for the product in our website, when you start to buy and has an amount of grande.Entonces order to support these clients, offer another discount only for a special order, this discount only for an order with some large amount, for listed in the table suiguiete:



Unite order amount



 More than 800 euros



 More than 2000 euros



 More than 3500 euros



 More than 8000 euros


This amount only included the cost of the unbundled product shipping cost.


 Note: You can not enjoy the upstaris tow discounts together, could only choose one by email to The final interpretation belongs to Nihao jewelry.