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Bright Silk Dark Plaid Dress Nhuo286970

Price: US$ 22.88
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New Long-sleeved Dress Nhuo296269

Price: US$ 22.62
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Contrast Color Stitching Knitted Top Skirt Suit Nhjg288363

Price: US$ 21.85
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New Knitted Waist Dress Nhjg296287

Price: US$ 20.47
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Sexy V-neck Bag Hip Long Dress Nhdf151730

Price: US$ 20.01
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What should we wear in Hot summer in order to seems more beautiful, of course, is a dress it! the summer dress is one of the favorite costumes for woman .in our store ,we wholesale dresses online and we enjoy high reputation for our cheap dresses for woman .there are some series such as Lace, chiffon, printing dressing ,absolutely meet your customers style.

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