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Our aim : Help your small business, includes e-commerce business. We have served more than 1,000,000+ customers

> Nihaojewelry - How does it work <

Plan A: Wholesale & Distributor

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Download the products pictures (package) .
link : Click here >
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We authorize you to use these pictures, and you can use them to set up sales platforms (including FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, WEBSITE ETC).
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Sell them with your marketing
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Purchase from nihaojwelry to your store or dropshipping from our warehouse.
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Plan B : Free Create a website , Start Dropshipping

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Create an e-commerce website for free, Set up your payment method, shipping method, theme style, Policy page.
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Select products to be listed. Choose what you sell based on your site positioning, and reprice and edit it.
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You just need to focus on sales and customers. Share your website to social media to get orders.
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You can get the profit of the difference from the order. Then you post the order to nihaojewelry, and nihaojewelry will ship to your customers. (dropshipping)

Plan C : Connected to shopify, woocommerce, BigCommerce

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1-on-1 Private Expert Team Exclusive personal account manager to solve all your problems
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Make the most profit All our products are at factory prices, you can make a greatest profit margins.
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Hot products docking and finding the source of products More than 150,000 products are available for you to choose to update on your store, and provide sourcing items service .
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Support shopify, woocommerce, BigCommerce quick docking After docking with your shop through our system, you can quickly process orders and select products to help you accelerate your dropshipping business

We Provide global dropshipping services, a complete logistics system to help you deliverpackages to customers quickly and economically

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> Nihaojewelry Features <

Nihaojewelry history

1500,000 +
Niche Products

A strong collection of niche products
Nihaojewelry factory

No minimum order requirement

Help small businesses the most
Nihaojewelry Guarantee

1000+ hot products
every day

Niche/Win Products is always the most needed for small business
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Start your
Dropshipping for free

Create e-commerce sites and offer 150,000 + products for you to price and sell

> Nihaojewelry - Help your small business <


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Nihaojewelry is a professional wholesale website that provides fashion jewelry, clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion products from China. We help boutique, shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Facebook marketing and other e-commerce site practitioners to provide high-quality sources of goods and help them improve their e-commerce business (small business).

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In addition, we also provide dropshipping services:
1.Provide the source of goods to your shopify website, and can help you easily complete dropshipping (ship the order to your customer).
2.We can create an e-commerce website for you for free, and provide 150,000+ products for you to choose for sale. So you only need to put your time on getting the order and we will help you solve other problems.


>Are you ready to double your small business <

Nihaojewelry history

If you are Manage your
orders through Excel

Nihaojewelry factory

If you're only starting your
business in offline stores

Nihaojewelry Guarantee

If you sell a limited
number of products

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If you have a limited
profit on your product

> How to say nihaojewelry<

In the beginning, I had very few varieties to sell. But since I discovered Nihaojwerly, I can always easily buy more and more varieties items and re-order at the best price. Because I am a regular customer, they offered me a good discount. It's an excellent supplier

Nihaojewelry Client Avatar 2

Sophia Alexandra

Nihaojewelry provided me with this opportunity. Thanks to Nihaojewerly, I sell best-selling products at the best prices and create additional income for my family. Now I not only sell in groups on social media, but also I have been sell in markets and bazaars, which has brought a wonderful change to my life.

Nihaojewelry Client Avatar 3

Emma hazaia

Nihaojewerly has been my jewelry and handbag supplier for 6 years. I always find trendy products at the best price.I really appericate that. When nihaojewelry launched the online shop project, we joined in, we use nihaoshops to make our own website, it is easy to organize all products and orders.

Nihaojewelry Client Avatar 1

Olivia Raide