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Simple Retro Crystal Earrings 8-piece Set Nhyi286570

Price: US$ 0.78
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Creative Alloy Fishtail Pineapple Ear Clip Set 7 Piece Nhyi286567

Price: US$ 0.46
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Heart Flowers Rhinestones Retro Earrings 30 Pairs Nhsd283508

Price: US$ 2.46
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Alloy Inlaid Rhinestone Retro Earrings 30 Pairs Set Nhsd283500

Price: US$ 2.46
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Retro Gold Earrings Set 9 Pairs Nhsd279154

Price: US$ 0.90
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Retro Inlaid Rhinestone Flower Pearl Earrings Sets Nhsd274596

Price: US$ 1.75
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Sometimes when your client asks you how to match the earring or necklace, maybe you are not professional. Don't worried about these problems. In nihaojewelry, we can offer you various jewelry sets to meet your demands. We have all kinds of wholesale jewelry sets for you: bridal jewellery sets, silver necklace sets, gold plated jewelry set and more. They match with same color and style and will be become your seller-good product.

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