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* Please note the delivery time = processing time + shipping time
(this does not include any customs delays, weekends, holiday periods, and any unforeseen circumstances.)

* Processing starts after your payment confirmed. Normally, it needs 2-4 business days.
The processing time depends on the quantity of items.

* Shipping time is based on the shipping agent you chose.

Weight Reference of category

1.Earring around 5-20g, most weight is 10g

2.Necklace 8-30g depending on design difference

3.Headband 20-50g not heavy but large

4.Bags 500-2000g, they are heavy, If you buy a bag, I suggest you also buy some earrings. we can put earrings into bags to save shipping costs, because the shipping fee charged by the logistics company depends on the volume of the bag

Tips of saving shipping cost

1. When you buy products with a weight over or equal to 21kg, the freight charges will be cheaper.

2.Share the bill with your friends.

3.The total weight of the items you buy is best controlled in the range lower than 0.49kg,1.49kg or 0.99kg, 1.99kg, because DHL charges the same price for 1.01kg or 1.49kg. Eg: if the weight of items you choose is1.05kg, you’d better choose some more items and make sure the total weight below 1.49kg. Because you don’t need to pay a shipping fee for this new part of the weight.

4. When you buy a product that has a certain volume, like a bag, you can put small items such as jewelry into it.

5. Buy more products in one order, you can save shipping cost.