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Animal opening cat ring stereo adjustable NHDP171424

Price: $US 0.46 $US 0.44
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Simple and stylish alloy drop oil pearl fish NHJQ171224

Price: $US 1.96 $US 1.86
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Simple copper fish-shaped handmade earrings NHXR171349

Price: $US 0.31 $US 0.29
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Fashion Cartoon Bird Badge Flamingo Brooch NHVA171472

Price: $US 0.77 $US 0.73
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Fashion vintage studded owl earrings NHDP171387

Price: $US 0.44 $US 0.42
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Many kinds of cheap jewelry are shown on today, such as gold-plated eye earrings, cartoon Christmas brooches, alloy chain necklace, alloy geometric bracelet. If you want to wholesale cheap but high-quality fashion jewelry, you will find anything you like and be satisfied here!

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