Leaf Earrings

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New Metal Leaf Earrings Nhqj317335

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Metal Leaf Earrings Nhdp302354

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Simple Retro Leaf Earrings Nhoa298971

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Retro Hollow Leaf Earrings Nhrn299025

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Simple Retro Leaf Earrings Nhdm295718

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Plant Leaf Earrings Nhlu295381

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Korean Leaf Earrings Nhye286762

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Fashion Leaf Earrings Nhjj286797

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Nihaojewelry's leaf earrings are inspired by nature and have realistic details. Each pair of leaf shaped earrings combines different stud earrings designs, hoop earrings, fashionable and charming. Whether you are looking for four leaf clover earrings or palm leaf earrings, you will find them here.
Various materials. Metal, copper, crystal, zircon, leather leaf earrings, each has its own characteristics. Wholesale your favorite styles. Whether it is for gifts or personal use, it is very suitable.
Nihaojewelry is known as one of the leading wholesale jewelry supplier in China. We have been serving you with some of the best quality leaf earrings with competence. Since we have aimed to become your one-stop solution in the world of fashion thus, . we have taken a step forward and launched our cool collection of jewelry to compliment the everyday style of your customers and to complete their looks.