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Pvc Keychains

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Cartoon Unicorn Keychain Nhdi302288

Price: US$ 0.21
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Doll Pendant Keychain Nhdi296867

Price: US$ 0.52 US$ 0.74
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Peking Opera Doll Keychain Nhdi275822

Price: US$ 0.46
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Pvc Soft Rubber Santa Keychain Nhap265234

Price: US$ 0.70 US$ 0.83
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Cute Ox Key Chain Bag Pendant Nhdi264666

Price: US$ 1.67 US$ 1.96
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"The PVC keychain is made of plastic. It has strong shaping and various shapes, and has become a new type of product that people like and are willing to buy.
Our wholesale PVC keychains have bright colors and delicate and vivid details. The overall weight is light, soft and completely safe for children. They are good choices for children and friends."