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After Sales

Submit a ticket for your order

When you have any questions about the order (for example, wrong color, wrong style), we will help you to solve the problem! You only need to follow the steps below to submit a ticket.

Attention: Please submit any questions within three working days. We are no longer responsible for overdue.

Tickets are used to submit requests to our after-sales service online, the ticket system can help you solve after-sales problems. Please note this is the only channel to solve problems.

Step 1:

Login and come to my orders page.

Step 2:

Click the submit button for the order that had any problem.

Step 3:

Select the product and reason from the drop-down box, then submit the picture as evidence, you also can write a text description for it.

Step 4:

You can write a description of the entire order at the bottom of the page. Click the submit button and wait for a reply.

Once your ticket is successfully submitted, our service will process it within 48 hours.

Picture evidence

Please upload correct and useful pictures as evidence, otherwise your ticket will be closed.

Not Received

Upload pictures showing all the products you received, as well as the weight. We will review the shipping weight and your package weight. PS: When you choose Not Received, please enter the number of products you have not received.

Quality issues

Upload a picture to clearly show the quality defects of the product.

Wrong color

Please upload the picture that clearly shows the color of the product.

Wrong styles

Upload the picture that clearly show the style of the product.

At last:

Once your ticket is sent, our customer service will respond to it within 48 working hours.

Tickets that do not respond within 72 working hours will be closed.

Attention: This is the only channel to solve these kinds of problems.