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  • Q: What country can you delivery?
    A: We can ship to all countries with DHL, Fedex, UPS. For example United States, European, Mexico, South Africa, Latin America, and many more.
  • Q: Where are you locted?
    A: Our factory is in china, we sell to whole world online!
  • Q: Minimum Order
    A: We have no minimum order, 95% products are stock, buy that you want with 1 pcs, so we can support you to try more fashion style fast!
  • Q: How can I place an order!
  • Q: How many days will be deliveryed?
    A: We need 2-4 business days to prepare your order and 2-4 days to send your order, you can choose different shipping method by own while making the order
  • Q: Wholesale price
    A: We are a professional supplier of jewelry and accessories, only wholesale, the price of website is wholesale price.
  • Q: How to pay for my order?
    A: We accept paypal, credit or debit card, western union o bank transfer.
  • Q: Do you have a reference?
  • Q: How to calculate our shipping cost?
    A: Please input the post code of your city with this link above, the system will help you to calculate the shipping fe. If you buy more ,shipping cost average is cheap, because DHL charge like this ,first 0.5 kilos is expensive 15-20 usd, the following 0.5 kilos is more cheap 4-5 usd per half kilo.
  • Q: There is no shipping information about my package.
    A: This is your tracking no, it need some time to show the information in the internet and we will try our best to help you get your package in time.
  • Q: customs duty
    A: We have experience to solve this problem, when you order you can choose the amount of the invoice according to our experience, we will try to give an adequate solution to pay less customs tax.
  • Q: Shortage problem
    A: We tried to send 100% of your order, but maybe one or two items are out of stock. To save time we will send your directly.
    B: We did credit in your account. you can use it in your next order.
    C: Would you like to change to other items.
  • Q: Can I choose other shipping agents?
    A: Yes, we can transfer your goods through the company you required.
  • Q: Can I put my own branding on the package you send?
    A: We have our own branding. We can make your own branding but you need to order each style for more than 240 pieces and you need to pay for the paper and provide design.
  • Q: The time to my country.
    A:We have different way to delivery your goods with different time and it usually takes about 4-7 working days.
  • Q:The shipping cost.
    A:Shipping cost depends on the weight of the order, we also need to pay this money to DHL or Fedex. First 0.5kilos is 15-20 usd, following 0.5kilos is 4-6 usd, so you buy more, the shipping cost is cheaper.
  • Q:How to refund for missing and broken ones?
    A:Our quality rule is very strict. If any damaged items are caused by long term delivery, just email valid pictures to within 7 days after receipt of your goods. Then our QC department will forward your pictures to account department, to ask compensation for you.
  • Q: When will you refund me the broken and missing items?
    A:After we confirm it,we will do credit in your account.
  • Q: Size problem
    A: Dear Friend, our system are improved now. When you order, please leave us a message or send mail to the sizes you want and we will check it to you.
  • Q: The quality is not satisfying
    A: We are sorry for this problem, can you sent me picture for us, we will talk with our manager of production to solve this problem. We will give you some discount foryour next order. Sorry again.
  • Q: When can I get Tracking number, packing list? I haven't received it now
    A:We will send your goods within 24-48 hoursafter receiving your payment, when your merchandise are sent, we will send information to your registered email.
  • Q: What time my order will be sent?
    A: Usually 48-96 hours or so, if you order many items, we maybe need 2-5 days to prepare, if you ask a lot of product with Swarovski crystal element will tart 1-2 days. Anyway, we will try our best to delivery your items within 48-96 hours after receipt of your payment.
  • Q: Wrong items
    A: We are sorry, we will send you again this product with your next order.
  • Q:The price can be lowered?
    A:Our price is already super low, we will not cut again, but we will give you discount according your purchase total, please see the discount policy.
  • Q: How to add some items?
    A: If you already placed one order but want to add some items, please enter your order, check the details of your order, put the quantity of items you want to add then pay this new order. If you already paid, please email the items you want to, then we can help you.
  • Q: The material of ....
    A: Our products are all in high quality and most of our products are alloy with crystal gem etc.
  • Q: Can you delivery to my country?
    A: All countries we can send, United States, Ingleterra, French, Spain, Mexico, German, ect the country that have DHL, we can ship without any problem.