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Retro Smiley Copper Plated Gold Dripping Open Ring Nhln355164

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Light Luxury Niche Geometric Earrings Nhik620401

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Simple Classic Heart Copper Earrings Nhik620398

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Copper not only has metallic characteristics, which are suitable for modern styles but also has rich shapes and classical features. It is an excellent jewellery making material. Among trendy jewelry, especially imitation jewelry, bulk copper and copper alloy materials are used.
The benefits of wearing copper jewelry include promoting mineral absorption, reducing cancer rate, preventing cardiovascular disease, and relieving joint pain.
Zinc alloy is a relatively common material used in the fashion jewelry industry. This batch of copper-zinc jewelry provided by Nihaojewelry is cheap and environmentally friendly, with a variety of styles. Copper jewelry, Zircon Bracelets, Zircon Necklaces, Zircon Rings and more jewelry are available. Large quantities of wholesale are welcome.