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Copper & Zircon Jewelry

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Devil's Eye Ring Female Drop Oil Open Ring NHAS173693

Price: $US 1.56 $US 1.39
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Fashion Drop Oil Lady Ring Jewelry NHAS173683

Price: $US 1.50 $US 1.34
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New devil's eye drop oil ring female jewelry NHAS173679

Price: $US 1.65 $US 1.47
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Womens Geometric Micro Inlay Copper Earrings NHLN155975

Price: $US 2.50 $US 2.22
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Original design bee color zircon earrings NHLN155963

Price: $US 1.28 $US 1.14
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Fashion color zircon flower alloy earrings NHLN155094

Price: $US 2.84 $US 2.52
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Colored zircon copper serpentine open ring NHAS150822

Price: $US 3.61 $US 3.22
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Simple copper inlay zircon demon eye bracelet NHAS148107

Price: $US 4.45 $US 3.96
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Fashion copper inlaid zircon rainbow necklace NHLN148092

Price: $US 4.16 $US 3.70
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