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Pink triangle earrings NHMS157147

Price: $US 0.76
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Rectangular rhinestone earrings NHJQ157146

Price: $US 1.45
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Alloy large chain necklace NHJQ157145

Price: $US 2.30
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Zircon Ginkgo Earrings NHMS157143

Price: $US 2.95
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Cute metal carrot earrings NHPF157141

Price: $US 0.78
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Fashion alloy winding earrings NHJQ157136

Price: $US 1.72
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Metal-wound pearl earrings NHMS157135

Price: $US 1.55
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Hand-knitted tassel earrings NHLN157129

Price: $US 2.00
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Long alloy tassel earrings NHLN157127

Price: $US 1.87
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Vintage carved clip earrings NHDP157120

Price: $US 0.41
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New alloy diamond hair clip set NHJQ157118

Price: $US 4.51
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Alloy diamond animal earrings NHJQ157114

Price: $US 2.42
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A variety of special Miyuki bracelets, such as Miyuki Tila bead bracelet and Miyuki bead bracelet set, perfectly sparkling diamond sponge headband and gemetrical alloy earrings are provided on today at very cheap prices. If you wanna wholesale these exquisite jewelry, why not wait? You will be amazed by them absolutely!

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