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Silver Earrings

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Retro Butterfly Earrings Nhdp299878

Price: US$ 0.69
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Fashion Metal Earrings Nhdp299924

Price: US$ 0.27
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Fashion Exaggerated Round Earrings Nhll298380

Price: US$ 0.26 US$ 0.43
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Retro Moon Earrings Nhla297278

Price: US$ 0.65
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Circle Geometric Earrings Nhgy295202

Price: US$ 0.40
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Zircon Asymmetric Earrings Nhok292905

Price: US$ 3.91
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Fashion Gem Earrings Nhgu292322

Price: US$ 0.98
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Rhinestone Tassel Earrings Nhnt292467

Price: US$ 2.76
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Metal C-shaped Earrings Nhyq290878

Price: US$ 2.27
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Long Sword Handle Earrings Nhxr290787

Price: US$ 0.75
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Fashion Flower Earrings Nhqj289496

Price: US$ 0.73
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Simple Silver Earrings Nhan289430

Price: US$ 1.87
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The wholesale silver earrings provided by Nihaojewelry are made of 925 silver. 925 sterling silver is pure white, and has strong metallic luster. The material of this jewelry is 925/1000 silver plus 75/1000 copper. Our silver earrings are very rich in styles, pure white in color and not easy to be allergic, especially suitable for sensitive ears. Each one is carefully designed by the designer, and the workmanship is exquisite. If you want to browse more 925 silver jewelry, click here.