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Snake Ring

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New Retro Snake Ring Nhqj312427

Price: US$ 0.68
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Diamond Snake-shaped Ring Nhpy300075

Price: US$ 1.97
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Snake Fashion Retro Ring Nhyq295025

Price: US$ 1.19
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Snake-shaped Diamond Ring Nhpy292035

Price: US$ 2.51
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Retro Punk Cobra Ring Nhgo290639

Price: US$ 0.81
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Retro Snake Ring Nhdp275443

Price: US$ 0.83
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Diamond Snake Ring Nhas275574

Price: US$ 1.72
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Find and wholesale snake rings of various shapes here, and you may even find similar types of taylor swift's! All snake-shaped rings are guaranteed high quality and low price. The beautiful silver snake ring has different colors for you to choose!