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Waist Belts

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Gold Buckle Fashion Belt Nhpo305429

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Fashion Simple Buckle Belt Nhpo305427

Price: US$ 1.10
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Fashion Elastic Waistband Nhpo297387

Price: US$ 1.80
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Simple Korean Wild Belt Nhjn291169

Price: US$ 1.05
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Nihaojewelry's wholesale waist belts series are specially designed for women. It has both functionality and fashion to meet diverse taste needs.
We have various styles of waist belts, and its designs are becoming more and more personalized. It shows the perfect waistline is to create a woman's curve. A fashionable dress with a belt modification seems to exude extra fashionable charm.
Shop our wholesale belts online now. Here you will see wide waist belt, black belts, chain belts, leather waist belt and so on. Affordable price and quality assurance!